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We can ship tent air conditioner rental units to your special event, anywhere in the world. Our heavy-duty tent air conditioner units have capacities of up to 60 tons and are capable of more than 12,000 cfm of 45 degree Fahrenheit air. With experience handling temperature control needs for events as large as the Olympics, the World Cup, Super Bowl, and major motion picture sets, Aggreko can support projects and events of any size.

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Whatever your special event's unique needs may be, Aggreko has the perfect tent air conditioner solution for you. Whether you require a silent unit for low-noise events, or a portable tent air conditioner for increased mobility, we have a model that will fit your needs. Also, to help maintain temperature, increase useable space, and remain aesthetically appealing, the duct work for our tent air conditioners can run outside of your enclosed area. To learn more about our air conditioning models contact us.

Global Expertise in Temperature Control

Our tent air conditioner rentals are part of our expert line of temperature control equipment available through our global network of service centers. This network is one of the best-established and most comprehensive in the world, allowing the experienced people at Aggreko to meet your temperature control needs at any time, anywhere on the planet. With an Aggreko service center in your part of the world, you're sure to find the tent air conditioner equipment you need.

Please utilize our website to learn more about our tent air conditioner rentals and all of our temperature control solutions. If you find a product you are interested in you can easily request a price quote to learn more.

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