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Rapid Industrial Dehumidification

For rapid industrial dehumidification in a variety of settings, the choice is Aggreko. Our desiccant rental dehumidifier is custom-manufactured with an advanced silica gel water absorption feature allowing it to remove a wide range of moisture levels.

Available in sizes from 1,000 to 10,000 cfm, and capable of removing 174 to 969 gallons (650 - 3,600 litres) per day (respectively), Aggreko's desiccant rental dehumidifier has been widely used for a variety of applications, such as minimizing corrosion, reducing the drying time of wet concrete, and allowing for faster painting and coating treatments. In addition to industrial dehumidification, the desiccant rental dehumidifier has also been successfully utilized for a number of process applications, including stabilizing and preserving food products.

The internal silica-gel wheel of the unit enables simultaneous absorption of water vapor in one section, while another section regenerates (dewaters) the silica. This continuous regeneration of silica-gel allows for more water-absorption operation and rapid industrial dehumidification of air or process streams.

Listed below are some of the additional benefits of Aggreko's desiccant rental dehumidifier:

  • Able to reach lower dew points than refrigerative systems
  • High pressure fans allow for long run of ductwork
  • Capable of running in outdoor settings
  • Capable of running in settings where available power is limited - Aggreko can design the system to be regenerated through the use of natural gas, steam or propane.

In addition to the desiccant rental dehumidifier, Aggreko also provides refrigerative dehumidifying rental units. Refrigerative drying packages are available in capacities of 1,000 to 30,000 cfm [1,700-51,000 m3/hr].

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For a high quality rental dehumidifier capable of providing rapid industrial dehumidification, Aggreko is your solution.