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Rental Cooling Solutions from Aggreko

If your building’s chiller or HVAC system fails, or you need a series of cooling towers to maintain production, Aggreko has the rental cooling solution you need to get your temperature control systems, and your business, back online quickly.

Our rental cooling solutions go beyond out state-of-the-art line of chillers, air conditionerscooling towers, and other temperature control equipment.  With our experience in servicing a wide range of markets and industries, and our responsiveness from over 50 locations nationwide, we can provide you with a single one-ton air conditioner or a complete turnkey system – whatever rental cooling solution you need, whenever you need it.

Aggreko’s ability to create custom-designed rental cooling solutions is unmatched.  With expertise in the temperature control industry, our people tailor unique rental cooling solutions around your specific needs, regardless of the location or time.  From mobilizing over 1300 tons of rental cooling equipment on site within 24 hours for a grocery distribution center to maximizing production for a chemical plan through dense air injection and much more, we have the experience, skill and specialized fleet of rental cooling equipment to get the job done right, right now.

Rental Cooling Maximized Production Capabilities

During the hottest months of the year, or during high demand seasons, Aggreko’s portable rental cooling units are designed to provide supplemental or temporary cooling for a variety of industries and situations.

For many businesses, maintaining the right temperatures for certain processes is critical to keeping production on track.  At Aggreko, we understand this.  That’s why we offer an expansive product line that includes chillers, cooling towers, air conditioners, and all accessory equipment.

Available Rental Cooling Solutions Include:

  • Water and air-cooled chillers sized to 1,000 tons
  • Modular cooling towers can be sized precisely to your operational needs
  • Air conditioners from 1 to 80 tons
  • Low noise air conditioners specially made for your special event


Emergency Rental Cooling

Aggreko emergency rental cooling services provide immediate response in the case of a cooling tower collapse, air conditioner malfunction, chiller breakdown, or other cooling system failure. 

In the case of an emergency, our experienced crew has the necessary tools and equipment to install Aggreko portable rental cooling units quickly. Since we specialize in providing emergency cooling, and other utility services, we have all of the required equipment and accessories needed to quickly and appropriately install your needed rental cooling solution.

With chillers, HVAC, cooling towers, and dehumidification equipment, Aggreko will keep your business running at peak performance.  Our depth of rental cooling equipment will help manage risk and minimize loss as well as improve comfort and productivity in work environments.

Rental Cooling for Critical Temperature Applications

Aggreko has a thorough understanding of the demanding challenges of critical temperature applications.  Our complete line of air and water-cooled chillers coupled with our team of industry specialists who are responsible for the development of countless rental cooling applications are an ideal means for minimizing your risk of loss and maximizing your production potential. 

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