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Rental Chillers

Air & Water Cooled Rental Chillers

Aggreko offers high quality rental chillers that are designed to operate in the harshest of industrial settings. Effective, efficient and reliable, our air and water cooled rental chillers are available in a range of sizes and capable of providing supplemental or emergency cooling for a variety of applications.

In addition to providing a wide range of cooling capacities, these industrial cooling systems are also environmentally friendly, making use of non-CFC refrigerants. Aggreko's industrial cooling systems are operable in both low and nominal temperatures.

Low to Nominal Temperature Rental Chillers

Designed to operate in low temperatures between 60°F and 10°F, or extremely low temperatures between 10°F and -40°F, our low temperature rental chillers are intended for industrial process applications and include advanced features to allow for easy installation and operation.

Capable of operating in temperatures as low as -40°F, our nominal temperature rental chillers are ideal for a large range of temperature control applications, as well as industrial process cooling, or when used with air conditioning systems, air handlers and ambient temperature control systems.

Here are some of the advanced features of our water and air cooled rental chillers:

  • User friendly control panel
  • Automatic shut down in the event of a failure
  • Weatherized control panel
  • Incorrect phase warning
  • Skid mounted
  •  Thermometer and pressure gauges on product flow connections at barrel of rental chillers

Other Industrial Cooling Systems

In addition to our convenient, effective water and air cooled rental chillers, Aggreko also offers industrial cooling systems for larger commercial and industrial applications. Our cooling tower rentals are capable of providing you with as much as 1 million GPM (3.7 million L/m) of cooling water flowrate.

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