Rental Air Compressors

Rental Air Compressors

With both diesel and electric rental air compressors available, Aggreko has the oil-free air solution you need to maintain the operation of your equipment and projects.  We fully understand the need for reliable 100% oil-free air and offer rental compressors up to 150psi and flowrates between 200 and 1,500cfm.

High Pressure Rental Air Compressors Also Available

For higher pressures, Aggreko offers a container-sized high pressure rental air compressor that combines diesel-based compression with electric-drive high-pressure boosting. With electric-drive boosting, pressures can be raised to 600psi at a flowrate of 1,250cfm.

Rental Air Compressor Accessories

More than just the rental air compressor, Aggreko also offer the accessories you need to complete your temporary application.

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