Rent Air Conditioner - Available Now for Supplemental Cooling

Rent Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Rentals for Every Situation

Rent air conditioner solutions from Aggreko are available any time you need them – 24/7/365.  From industrial plants to movie sets, our air conditioners can provide the temperature control you need to keep your cool.  Ranging in size from one to 80 tons, our HVAC experts can select the rental air conditioner solution specific to your situation.

When you need temporary cooling for supplemental or emergency situations, you can increase capacity or minimize downtime with a rental air conditioner from Aggreko.

Rent Air Conditioner Solutions

To address the temporary cooling needs of our customers, we provide a variety of air conditioner rentals that are unique in their cooling effects.

Industrial Rental Air Conditioner

Aggreko has designed rental air conditioners rugged enough to provide continuous temporary cooling in industrial settings.  With units sized to 80 tons, our industrial rental air conditioner provides 100% cool, fresh air or 100% conditioned return air.

Rental Event Air Conditioning

Special event air conditioner rentals are available when you need temporary cooling and minimal noise. These systems are designed to provide up to 30 tons of rental air conditioning and can be used “in wall” or is ductable to your structure.

Spot Cooler Rentals

These portable, rental air conditioners provide efficient mobile cooling that can be used in a variety of spaces or areas.  Available in one, three, and five-ton sizes, these small cooling units come with heavy-duty casters for ease of movement and hassle-free installation.

Comfort Air Conditioner Rental

When you need the option of choosing your level of comfort, the comfort rental air conditioner from Aggreko is the perfect solution.  Ideal for the temporary cooling of large interior or tented area, these units offer both temperature and air volume adjustment.

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