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Rent AC

When you need to rent AC, you need Aggreko

Aggreko is the industry leader when you need to rent AC.  With our temporary cooling experience and vast line of rental air conditioning equipment, we can provide the temperature control solution to fit any situation.  Our rental air conditioners come in individual units from one to 80 tons and are capable of over 12,000cfm of 45°F air.  AC rentals are designed to provide 100% cool, fresh air or 100% conditioned return air. 

AC Rentals for all Emergency Cooling Needs

When your permanent air conditioning systems breaks down, you need emergency cooling and you need it now.  Aggreko is available 24/7/365 to install the temporary cooling you need to keep your facility or process running at peak performance. 

Rent AC for Supplemental Cooling Capacity

Heat waves, long hot summers, and business peak times can wreak havoc on the performance of your HVAC system.  Supplemental cooling can be provided on a temporary basis by renting AC only when you need it.  Not sure if additional cooling will work for you?  Contact Aggreko and our experts can evaluate your current system and usage and suggest the best solution.  A temporary cooling system is a cost-effective way to add supplemental cooling during an unusually hot summer or to try out the performance of a new process.

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