Find Refrigeration Rental for Emergency or Supplemental Needs

Refrigeration Rental

For supplemental or emergency rental refrigeration needs

When you need refrigerated air from 40°F to -40°F, Aggreko has the refrigeration rental for you.  Utilizing low temperature rental chillers or our extensive line of rental air conditioners, in both supplemental and emergency applications, your business can obtain the refrigeration you need, when you need it.  We are available 24/7 so that you can control your environment and protect your business.

Supplemental and Emergency Rental Refrigeration

Because refrigeration is crucial to the operation of so many industries, supplemental and emergency rental refrigeration is available today from Aggreko.   When the temperature outside rises, it can be that much harder to maintain your business production processes.  Supplemental refrigeration can be supplied to keep production running at the correct temperature during just those hot periods and without capital expenditure.  Or when your refrigeration system breaks down or needs immediate repair, emergency rental refrigeration can be supplied quickly and effectively to replace your broken system and minimize downtime.

Rental Chillers

Aggreko can provide either water or air-cooled rental chillers to fill your temporary refrigeration needs.  Individual units can be used for smaller applications or, because of their modular design, they can be connected for infinite size requirements.  Let the rental specialists at Aggreko determine the exact solution you need for your specific application.  Our industrial chillers can provide the rental refrigeration to keep your business up and running.

Air Conditioner Rentals

With individual units ranging from 1 to 80 tons, Aggreko’s rental air conditioners are capable of over 12,000cfm of 45°F air.  Combine it with a rental air handler sized from 5 to 150 tons, with airflows of 400cfm per ton, and a temperature of -20°F can be achieved. 

Aggreko can supply all of your refrigeration needs today.  Fill out our rental inquiry form or call us at 877.603.6021 to rent today.

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