Case Study: Aggreko Comes Through When Hospital's Chiller Breaks Down

Aggreko Comes Through When Hospital's Chiller Breaks Down

The Customer Challenge

When one of three critical chillers went out at a hospital, the mechanical contractor had to act fast to prevent an emergency situation for the hospital’s patients. They turned to Aggreko for help.

The Aggreko Solution

Aggreko was able to immediately mobilize a water-cooled chiller rental from Houston. The chiller arrived about 36 hours later, along with specialist Aggreko technicians from Houston and Columbia, SC to ensure expert installation. The chiller was up and running fast, and the hospital used the chiller for approximately five months without a problem while waiting for a new permanent chiller to be installed. 

The Benefit to the Customer

With fast response from Aggreko, the hospital was able to avoid an evacuation of its patients and to function undisrupted until its permanent chiller system could be returned to normal operation.