Aggreko Tested new cogen plant without risking plant shutdown

Testing new cogen plant without risking plant shutdown

The Customer Challenge

An oil sands plant located in a remote area of Canada decided to build an 85 MW steam Cogeneration (“Cogen”) plant which converts steam generated within the plant to electricity.

Upon completion, the Cogen plant needed to be tested. The client made the decision to use loadbanks in order to avoid the risk of shutting down the plant. Time was of the essence as the plant needed to complete the testing by the end of the year leaving only three months to implement the complete solution.

The Aggreko Solution

Aggreko provided a complex loadbank test that consisted of 25 MVA of loadbanks (both resistive and reactive) at 13.8 kV and then stepping up the voltage to 72 kV. In order to achieve this test it required a 30 MVA transformer, 8 loadbanks, and 2 x 1 MW generators. The Cogen was located far away from where equipment needed to be setup, so it needed to be run through a 72 kV gantry utilizing a large 30 MVA transformer. Aggreko performed the entire installation and managed the duties of the sub-contractors.
The Cogen system was successfully load tested without a plant shutdown and although the plant was located in a remote area, the project was completed ahead of schedule and under-budget.

The Benefit to the Customer

Aggreko has a successful history of being able provide turn-key solutions with a safe and timely execution of the project at hand.

In this case, Aggreko engineered and designed the complete solution, engaged all sub-contractors, delivered the equipment to site, and managed the entire installation and test setup.