Temporary heat and power for windmill blade repair

Temporary heat and power for windmill blade repair

The Customer Challenge

A wind energy provider discovered numerous windmill blades at a specific location in need of repair.  Downtime required to make the needed repairs would cost hundreds of man-hours, and potentially thousands of dollars in lost energy production. Repair of the damaged blades would require working within a tightly confined space. With ambient temperatures reaching –15˚F within, it would be months before the climate would permit workers to safely begin repairs. The customer needed a temporary heating and power solution that would allow the workers to safely enter the giant blades to make the necessary repairs.

The Aggreko Solution

Aggreko and engineers from the energy company worked together to design a solution that would fit within the confined space. The solution consisted of a generator, heater, transformer, distribution panel and several quad boxes, as well as duct work and cable.  Aggreko was able to supply the necessary heat and airflow required, providing electricity needed for tools and lighting. 

The Benefit to the Customer

The wind energy customer was able to resume production and avoid any further loss of revenue. The client was so pleased with the solution that it ordered 21 additional kits for additional wind farms across four different states.