Case Study Aggreko Supplys Generators to Telecommunication Provider

Generators Help Telecommunications Provider Overcome All Obstacles

The Customer Challenge

A major telecommunications provider needed approximately 45 small generator rentals installed to power cellular towers in the Greater Cincinnati area, Northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

The customer needed a partner who could complete this large-scale setup in just a few days, overcome major logistical challenges, and manage all the refuelling, maintenance and other ongoing issues required by the project. Aggreko was chosen for the job.

The Aggreko Solution

With a four-day window in which to complete the installation of 45 generator rentals ranging from 25kW to 60kW, Aggreko had the job done in three.

Crews worked around the clock, tackling the logistical hurdles involved. Many towers were located in remote sites, and technicians faced multiple physical obstacles to get to the tower sites.

Even more remarkable, some sites weren’t even accessible by road – requiring laptops and GPS systems to locate the towers via latitude and longitude coordinates.

The project required skilled project management to efficiently organize the installations and refuelling operations. Once deployment was complete, two on-site technicians worked 12 hours a day to refuel the generators, monitor the switch from Aggreko power to customer power, provide maintenance and remove offline generators.

The Benefit to the Customer

Aggreko was able to provide the customer not only with high responsiveness, but also a complete package, from equipment to fuel management to transportation and service for the 45 generators to a grateful client.

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