Case Study: Aggreko Puts Standby Cooling in Place for Telecom Provider

Aggreko Puts Standby Cooling in Place Fast for a Leading Telecom provider

The Customer Challenge

When a top telecom provider serving millions of customers suspected its central cooling system was in jeopardy, the company couldn’t wait for an actual failure to act. A potential loss of dial tone and 911-service to its customers – and the possibility of an “FCC-recordable” event taking place – were unacceptable.

The company needed a rock-solid contingency plan, so they called Aggreko to install a standby cooling system – fast.

The Aggreko Solution

Aggreko provided an air-cooled chiller rental with a generator rentals and technicians to perform the rapid installation. A large rental fuel tank, hose and cable were also installed, and Aggreko provided the fuel to fill the tank

The Benefit to the Customer

Once the system was complete, the customer had an operational, ready-to-run cooling system on standby outside its facilities. They reduced a risk to their business and rested easy knowing they could operate with confidence throughout the holiday – that service would be maintained if their permanent system failed.

The good news? The standby system never had to be used, but the security it provided guaranteed peace of mind over a hot holiday weekend.