Case Study: Aggreko Provides Emergency Rental Power to Gulf Oil Rig

Aggreko Provides Emergency Power to a Gulf Rig

The Challenge for the Customer

Technical problems with on-board generators in this Gulf of Mexico based rig meant emergency shut-down. Restoring power was essential to maintain production and all support services.

Aggreko’s Solution

Aggreko provided eight 800kW generator rentals delivered and installed on the rig in less than two days. Within a further 48 hours, power was fully restored and the situation back to normal.   

The Benefit to the Customer

The speed of Aggreko’s response minimized lost production and disruption. Although Aggreko was used as an emergency solution to start with, the rental arrangement was most cost efficient. As a result the contract was converted to a long term lease. In the words of our customer: “This was our first experience with Aggreko. They performed so well, we won’t hesitate to use them again. We are very impressed.”