Power Automation Reduces Operating Costs

Power Automation Reduces Operating Costs

The Customer Challenge

A major producer in the Permian Basin had intermittent rod pumps on 5 vertical wells, which were only pumping for a few hours each day. However, the diesel generators on each site were continuously idling the rest of the day, burning fuel unnecessarily, experiencing frequent maintenance issues due to overheating and incurring more scheduled services based on extended run hours. This process was not given as much scrutiny when commodity prices were much more lucrative, but in today’s market conditions operators are doing everything they can to lower LOE’s. Emissions were also be scrutinized, as environmental regulations across the U.S. continued to tighten.

The Aggreko Solution

Well-site gas was not a viable fuel source due to very high H2S levels, so Aggreko replaced the conventional diesel generators with 5 Aggreko Tier 4i units, outfitted with the power automation packages. Each site received a single trailer which included a 60kW diesel generator, Aggreko’s power automation kit, and an 800 gallon fuel tank. Aggreko’s certified technicians seamlessly linked each power automation kit to the operator’s programmable logic controls (PLC) on their rod pumps, allowing the generators to automatically start and stop as power requirements fluctuated.

The Benefit to the Customer

By eliminating wasteful idle hours, Aggreko reduced the customer’s fuel costs and emissions by more than 50%. The operator saved more than $27,000 annually per pump, for total savings of over $130,000 annually for 5 sites. Also, the life of the generators were greatly extended, maintenance requirements were eased, and production uptime was maximized. This game-changing solution from Aggreko makes a world of financial sense for any intermittent applications. Power automation is also available on Aggreko’s natural gas generators.

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