Case Study: Air Quality System Maintains Production & Quality

Aggreko Provides Temporary Air Quality System to Maintain Pharmaceutical Production and Quality

The Customer Challenge

A pharmaceutical site came to Aggreko looking for a solution to manage humidity and dew point levels because of difficulties maintaining proper moisture content in their clean room.  The manufacturer was experiencing losses in production levels and product quality.  Production schedules were not being met and poor product quality was leading to product rejection.

Until the plant could take a planned outage to make improvements on the existing HVAC system, they needed a temporary solution.  Because of this customer’s past experience with Aggreko in minimizing losses of critical utilities, the site contacted the local service center.  When the requirements were being defined, the customer expressed concerns over whether or not Aggreko could meet the tight air quality specifications.

The Aggreko Solution

Aggreko provided a glycol chiller rental and rental air handler system to control the humidity and dew point levels.  The filtration package that was installed on the air handler system was capable of achieving the stringent clean room air quality specifications. 

The Benefit to the Customer

The temporary system was installed for eight weeks, until the customer was able to diagnose and correct deficiencies in their existing air quality system. Aggreko's solution allowed the pharmaceutical manufacturer's product to achieve the company's desired quality requirements.