Case Study: Novel Technology Resolves Production Bottleneck | Aggreko

Creative Thinking and Novel Technology Resolve Production Bottleneck

The Customer Challenge

A major U.S. oil refinery wanted  to help improve a unit’s performance by increasing the tonnage of temperature control equipment. More utility power would be required to accommodate the increase.  

However, the refinery’s EH&S department denied the installation because additional generation exhaust would push NOx emissions too close to EPA limits. Thus the refinery needed a more environmentally sound solution.

The Aggreko Solution

Aggreko proposed using a new piece of equipment, the Aggreko Selective Catalytic Converter, to resolve the dilemma. Selective Catalytic Reduction would convert most of the NOx in the equipment exhaust streams to harmless nitrogen and water. The solution would enable the plant to add equipment and boost performance without approaching EPA regulated NOx limits.

Aggreko’s EH&S department worked side by side with the refinery’s EH&S department to test and implement the Aggreko power generator and SCR units. Thanks to the process and safety expertise of the Aggreko team, the refinery was able to rapidly deploy the solutions it needed and achieve its performance goals without environmental or compliance concerns.

The Benefit to the Customer

The Aggreko installation reduced NOx emissions in the generator exhaust streams by 90%,which in turn allowed for environmentally friendly operation of the additional rental utility equipment.