Natural gas solution provides power for NYC infrastructure

Natural gas solution provides power for critical New York city infrastructure

The Customer Challenge

The Siphon Tunnel project, a $250 million infrastructure investment designed to put a new water siphon in place between Brooklyn and Staten Island, came to a sudden halt when Hurricane Sandy slammed the project’s work site and breached its flood contingency plan.
The Category 1 storm caused massive power outages, and proved to be a painful wakeup call on grid vulnerability throughout the northeast. When the storm hit, it was reported the tunnel was 1,500ft (460m) into its 1.8-mile (2.9km) long drive. The shafts and the excavated tunnel were completely flooded with salt water, causing a complete loss of electricity and severe damage to the equipment, resulting in substantial loss of capital and major delays.

The Aggreko Solution

The local power substation was completely incapacitated by the floods and unable to provide power. The construction team needed an immediate power and low-emission solution.
Aggreko teamed up with Hunter Roberts Construction Group, and designed a comprehensive solutions package that consisted of three 1300 kW natural gas generators, with transformers and distribution, to ensure continuous power for emergency systems.
In the absence of grid infrastructure, the configuration served as a temporary substation utilizing two of the gas generators as prime power, and the third as a backup - all of which operated in parallel, providing 3.9 MW of continuous operation to the site.

Aggreko successfully supplied reliable power to the site from the moment the storm hit. Due to the use of its natural gas generators, Aggreko’s power solution would provide an estimated cost savings of $125,000 per month in fuel over the next two years.

The Benefit to the Customer

Aggreko was able to expeditiously produce a turn-key solutions package during the most critical period of a natural disaster. Aggreko accomplished the customer’s business requirements by designing a long-term power solution with substantial cost savings through the use of natural gas generators.
Aggreko has extensive experience in dealing with temporary natural gas power generation systems and specializes in designing and delivering individualized plans for complex customer needs, such as powering gas compression stations, critical projects and responding quickly during emergency crisis, when a quick turnaround is required.