Case Study: Mechanical Contractor Entrusts It's Reputation to Aggreko

Mechanical Contractor Entrusts It's Reputation to Aggreko

The Customer Challenge

One of the largest HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors on the East Coast approached Aggreko to assist in developing integrated solutions for its clients with critical needs for temporary utilities while repairs are performed to permanent HVAC systems.

The Aggreko Solution

Aggreko’s expertise ensures that the contractor’s customers remain online, productive and comfortable while minimizing the downtime associated with repairs and upgrades of HVAC systems at commercial, industrial and institutional facilities.

Some of Aggreko’s recent projects for this client have included:

  • Providing temporary cooling equipment at a nursing home. After the facility’s chiller system failed, Aggreko’s air-cooled water chiller rentals kept residents cool and comfortable while our client performed repairs.
  • Providing temporary power and temperature control solutions for one of the largest cable television providers in the U.S. This customer has experienced a power failure at one of its data centers, putting critical data systems at risk of overheating. Aggreko’s industrial, portable, rental air conditioners, powered by quiet, low-emission generator rentals, were on location quickly, reducing the temperature in the data center from 110 degrees to 75 degrees in a single hour, bringing the customer back on-line while our client’s expert crews repaired the system.
  • Providing a quick solution on New Year’s Eve for a hotel that lost its main power feed. Aggreko’s reliable, portable diesel generator rentals were on-site and installed within hours of the call, providing the temporary power needed to keep hundreds of guests happy while our client’s electrical services division performed emergency repairs. 

The Benefit to the Customer

"Our performance can only be as good as those that support our efforts,” said our client’s Vice President of Service. “Aggreko has demonstrated that it is just as concerned for our customers as we are. This is why we choose to partner with them.”