Case Study: Aggreko Solves Dual Cooling Issues at a Busy Gypsum Plant

Aggreko Resolves Dual Cooling Issues at a Busy Gypsum Plant

The Challenge for the Customer

Turning chunks of cement into usable drywall at a gypsum plant involves multiple processes, all of which are affected by equipment repairs and extreme temperatures. 

The plant’s production line begins with a kettle which crushes cement rocks into powder and bakes out any excess water. Because of the force required to crush the cement and the temperatures needed to remove the water, the kettle frequently needs maintenance. The kettle needs to be cooled completely, however, before repairs can be done. Natural ambient cooling can take 3-4 days – days when the production line ordinarily would have to shutdown.

Further down the production line, slurry is transformed into drywall using cool process water. Cool water allows it to set quicker and more evenly. But when the temperature outside heats up, so does the process water. If the water is too warm, more time and money is spent drying the drywall board, leading to a slower and more costly drywall production. 

Aggreko helped this customer resolve both issues and kept production running by providing two temporary cooling systems.

Aggreko's Solution

Aggreko deployed an industrial rental air conditioner which enabled the kettle to cool in less than 24 hours, significantly reducing downtime for the plant.

Aggreko also installed temporary chiller rentals to cool process water during the hot summer months, continuously chilling the tank water to the 68oF necessary for the drywall board to set properly.

The Benefit to the Customer

With the addition of temporary temperature control equipment from Aggreko, as well as Aggreko’s vast experience in manufacturing facilities, this gypsum plant was able to reduce downtime and increase production.