Case Study: Hospital Conquers Downtime with Aggreko rental HVAC system

Rental HVAC System Helps Hospital Conquer Downtime

The Challenge to the Customer

A major hospital in New York City ­– a level I Trauma Center admitting 25,000 patients per year – recently faced a shutdown of its cooling system as it prepared for the upgrade of its existing HVAC system.

The facilities manager wanted to ensure that temperatures and humidity levels remained stable to maintain a clean, contamination-free environment without compromising patient health and safety.

Ensuring uninterrupted patient care was a top priority, so an ultra-reliable temporary cooling system was critical. To meet its stringent requirements, the hospital turned to Aggreko for a rental HVAC system.

Aggreko's Solution

Aggreko provided more than 1500 tons of temporary cooling to the hospital while the facility performed a total HVAC systems upgrade.

Critical hospital needs dictated that the system be more than a conventional temporary replacement, so the experts at Aggreko provided redundant capabilities with Aggreko’s water-cooled chiller rentals powered by Aggreko’s quiet, low-emission generator rentalss, with connected pumps and cabling. The hospital also asked Aggreko to manage fuel resources.

Among the equipment Aggreko provided:

The equipment was mobilized and installed within days, ready to support the hospital’s scheduled HVAC outage, and remained on-site until the upgrade was complete.

The Benefit to the Customer

Not only did Aggreko handle the planned system upgrade, but shortly after the principal equipment was installed, Aggreko also supported uninterrupted patient care again during a separate one-day power outage at the hospital’s senior citizen nursing facility. For safe and sure patient care, Aggreko was this hospital’s answer.