Case Study: Aggreko's Renowned Service Earns Trust of Homebuilder

Aggreko Service Earns Trust of Major Texas Homebuilder

The Customer Challenge

One of the largest and most respected homebuilders in Texas was in need of reliable, efficient power for a housing development currently under construction. The site needed temporary electricity for  trailers, equipment and individual homes until city power sources could be installed. 

Due to previous rental provider service and invoicing concerns, the homebuilder gave Aggreko the chance to prove its mettle.

The Aggreko Solution

Ten days after Aggreko made initial contact with the homebuilder, they deployed 14 generator rentals to all sites, replacing nearly all of the competitor’s equipment. For a period of about five months, there were nearly 50 Aggreko generator rentals onsite.

The client wanted to ensure it was going to get the kind of service it demanded in terms of invoicing, service and rates. There was no guarantee of future business unless the Aggreko team delivered – and they did.

With its reliability, expertise and personal onsite service, Aggreko was able to prove it’s capabilities to the homebuilder, and earned an exclusive agreement to provide temporary power generation for all of the residential construction activity in the state of Texas. 

The Benefit to the Customer

Aggreko was able to provide the streamlined administration, local service capabilities, and established network of resources needed to keep the customer’s construction projects running smoothly and on schedule.

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