Heating for subway expansion project

Heating for subway expansion project

The Customer Challenge

Heating was required to remove the moisture from newly poured concrete underground for subway expansion project in North Toronto. This was a sudden need and was not already factored into the project. There was a risk of falling behind schedule and an increase in project costs. The cold and damp weather was creating a moist environment in the underground shaft. These conditions were delaying the curing of the cement and the painting of almost 1000 feet of pipe. The contractor needed an immediate temporary solution to remove the moisture from the concrete in order to keep the project on schedule.

The Aggreko Solution

Aggreko was able to provide a solution that consisted of nine 150 kW heaters and three 300kW generators with auxiliary fuel tanks. Each generator was capable of powering two of the 150 kW heaters. The remaining three 150 kW heaters were powered using site utilities. Aggreko lowered the heaters down the shaft, strategically placing them and routing duct throughout. Technical support was provided to set up entire project. 

The Benefit to the Customer

As a result, the hospital avoided a major shutdown and the need to relocate patients. The electrical contractor was able to save the hospital over $250K in direct cost by using Aggreko's solution. The project also served to strengthen the contractor's credibility as a leading provider for the hospital.