Heating and environmental solutions in remote oil sands project

Heating and environmental solutions in remote oil sands project

The Customer Challenge

An engineering and construction company was conducting work at an Oil Sands plant in a remote area north of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

There were various buildings and boilers that were under construction, and in order to complete the project at hand, heat was needed to support the construction.

Eleven buildings and five boilers needed supplemental heat and the construction team faced significant challenges. First, the boilers and buildings were not in close proximity; in fact they were positioned across a large remote area. However, where large spacing was one problem of the plant, in other parts, some of the areas were too small, further complicating the ability to provide a heater.

The Aggreko Solution

In the past, the construction company used diesel-generated heaters, commonly referred to as “Frost Fighters”; however those types of heaters couldn’t be effectively utilized indoors.  Frost Fighters needed to draw in cold outside air at -30°C, but they couldn’t heat the air warm enough to keep the interior space at an adequate temperature. As a result, some of the boilers couldn’t stay warm enough to complete construction activities.
The Frost Fighters also caused a fueling issue. The equipment only lasted 6-7 hours, which meant constant refueling was necessary and quite a hassle since it required fuel trucks constantly entering the facility. Increased fuel deliveries increase the possibilities of spills which require an environmental report per incident. In addition, the diesel heaters being used were inefficient during the wintertime because the equipment had to be placed outside necessitating long air duct runs, which resulted in colder inside temperatures.

Aggreko understood the issues at hand, and customized a turn-key solution that detailed all heat and power requirements for all 11 buildings. They provided heaters that could be strategically placed at various locations and more importantly, utilized inside the buildings. This heating design created reliable heat that was able to keep the air at a warmer temperature due to the ability to utilize the already existing heat circulating inside the buildings.

Ultimately, Aggreko supplied 25 heaters – 12 x 150 kW and 13 x 50 kW units. The installation also included nine generators - 3 x 500 kW; 2 x 300 kW; 3 x 200 kW, and 1 x 125 kW unit.

Miscellaneous equipment included distribution panels, fuel tanks, and all necessary cable and ducting.

The Benefit to the Customer

Aggreko has more than 50 years’ experience providing turn-key solutions to industries that sometimes require strategic power and temperature rental solutions.

In this case study, Aggreko was able to customize a unique heating solution, which not only resolved the immediate challenge at hand, but also eliminated the customer’s year-after-year ongoing operational problems.