Case Study: Through Five Tournaments, Aggreko Never Drops a Stroke

Through Five Tournaments, Aggreko Never Drops a Stroke

The Customer Challenge

During a three month span, three different clients required temporary power and temperature control for five different golf tournaments. The tournaments all took place between late November and February across two Hawaiian islands. With years of experience in the golf circuit, trusted responsiveness and local availability, Aggreko was chosen to provide power and cooling for each of these events.

The Aggreko Solution

Logistically, Aggreko had to ensure a smooth transition and equipment availability from one golf tournament to the other. Through extensive coordination efforts, Aggreko was able to supply local technicians, find locations to store equipment and accomplish teardown and installation between tournaments – which sometimes took place on back-to-back weekends. 

The equipment required for the event included:

The Benefit to the Customer

The three different corporate partners involved were extremely happy with Aggreko’s professionalism and performance.