Case Study Yogurt Producer Supplemental Cooling to Save Product

With Product at Risk, Supplemental Rental Cooling is Needed

The Challenge to the Customer

Yogurt’s live cultures are very particular about temperature. A major yogurt producer is also very particular – about product quality and consistency.

So when an icemaker went down at its manufacturing facility in the heat of summer and the outage threatened to disrupt the yogurt-making process, the producer called Aggreko for a fast cooling solution.

Facing large temperature swings in batch systems, the customer needed supplemental cooling to keep up with the curing process and avoid wasted batches.

Aggreko's Solution

Aggreko provided a chiller rental to supplement the system and maintain ideal temperatures. Two chiller rentals with a 1000 gpm pump took water from a 40,000 gallon tank and dropped temperature to 37oF. Water was then returned to the top of the tank to go back through the icemaker to bring temperatures as close to 32°F as possible. The temporary supplemental system enabled yogurt production to continue unimpeded.

Solving the Bigger Problem

While the chiller rental proved ideal as a temporary solution, the yogurt producer has turned to the Aggreko Process Services engineering team to design a system that will resolve temperature issues once and for all.