Case Study: Aggreko Keeps Customer's Servers Cool and Performing

Aggreko Keeps Customer's Server Cool and Performing in a Critical Server Center

The Challenge to the Customer 

A facilities management services company manages a primary server center in Canada. The server center receives its chilled water from a central plant located offsite. When the local utility planned a four-hour shutdown in May, the server center needed to stay cool. The customer needed an absolutely reliable solution with redundancy built in, so the facilities management company chose Aggreko.

Aggreko'a Solution

Based on a contingency plan Aggreko had previously engineered for the client, they supplied 4 air-cooled chiller rentals and a power pack consisting of 2 generator rentals running in parallel to assure redundancy.

The job was installed, tested and ready to go by the morning of the shutdown and the system performed seamlessly.

The Benefit to the Customer

Aggreko helped the facilities management company perform for its client and allowed the server center to stay up and running.