Emergency Electrical Maintenance for NYC Hospital

Emergency Electrical Maintenance for NYC Hospital

The Customer Challenge

Emergency maintenance and testing on switchgear and a transformer was needed for a large New York City hospital. The maintenance would require that the electrical feed to a major wing be disconnected in order to conduct the repair work and testing. Without the necessary power, the week-long project would require a shutdown of a major wing in the facility which would result in a loss of revenue for the hospital. Additionally, there would be major health risks involved with transferring critical care patients to nearby hospitals. If the hospital went offline, the electrical contractor tasked with the maintenance would also face repercussions including damage to reputation.

The electrical contractor hired to perform the maintenance needed to provide the hospital with temporary power solution to keep operations online during the critical shutdown and keep all patients and staff safe, as well as, comfortable.

The Aggreko Solution

Aggreko's technical group teamed up with the electrical contractor to develop a temporary power solution that consisted of large diesel power, transformers and distribution equipment. The solution was able to meet all the technical, safety and building code requirements. 

The Benefit to the Customer

As a result, the hospital avoided a major shutdown and the need to relocate patients. The electrical contractor was able to save the hospital over $250K in direct cost by using Aggreko's solution. The project also served to strengthen the contractor's credibility as a leading provider for the hospital.