Case Study: Aggreko Creates Innovative Power Solution for Client

Aggreko Creates Innovative Power Solution for Electrical Contractor's Client

The Customer Challenge

During the construction phase of a new high-performance auto development facility, the local utility was unable to provide enough power to test high-power racing engines on dynamometers. The electrical contractor tasked with the project contacted Aggreko for the solution.

The Aggreko Solution

Aggreko supplied the electricity needed to operate the dynamometers, utilizing two generator rentals running in parallel. Aggreko’s team of experts also worked with the electrical contractor to design an innovative solution to absorb the energy produced by the engines running on the dynamometers.

The solution involved Aggreko supplying load bank rentals that absorbed the engine’s energy, transforming it into heat, and releasing it into the atmosphere. It also used chiller rentals to cool dynamometer components and cooling tower rentals to cool the engines instead of engine radiators.

The Benefit to the Customer

When the project concluded, the contractor’s client was so pleased with the load bank solution that they acquired and incorporated it into their standard testing equipment.