Case Study: Ice Storm Strikes, Manufacturing Facility Needs Power Fast

When an Ice Storm Struck, a Manufacturing Facility Needed Power Fast

The Customer Challenge

A leading OEM to major auto manufacturers serves a demanding market. So, when an ice storm cut off power to its plant – they had to get back up and running fast and Aggreko helped make it happen.

The Aggreko Solution

Aggreko not only got the plant back up and operational, they also made a very complex mobilization fast and seamless. Plus, Aggreko’s years of experience in similar situations helped ensure the company wasn’t left vulnerable to future storms.

As the ice storm struck, Aggreko mobilized generators, fuel tanks and high-voltage transformers to the site. With no high-voltage cable in the area, Aggreko had to procure rental cabling on behalf of the customer – creating a truly turnkey solution for the customer.

In just days, Aggreko provided equipment to power the entire facility, delivering:

The Benefit to the Customer

Thanks to Aggreko’s experience with outages of this magnitude, we were able to help the company cost-effectively manage the risk of another power outage. Aggreko advised the company to keep the equipment onsite even after their power was back up. This would eliminate huge costs of remobilization and minimize downtime should another storm strike. Aggreko established a standby price for the company, making it cost-efficient for them to plan for the unexpected.

The Aggreko team went all-out – responding fast, assembling a complete solution, and even creating a smart contingency plan that would protect the customer from additional risk and cost.