Case Study: Aggreko Powers and Cools Mission-Critical Data Center

Aggreko Power and Cools Mission-critical Data Center

The Customer Challenge

Keeping a data center in operation is a serious matter. For one major information service provider's data center, a facility which processes hundreds of thousands of key business and retail transactions hourly, every 10 minutes of downtime equated to a potential loss of more than $200 million. The facility was preparing for an upgrade and needed a solution to support its operations during the outage.

The project timeframe was both tight and vitally important encompassing Thanksgiving through to Black Friday. The work would need to be performed while no one was present during data center operations, which was also the kickoff to holiday shopping season and peak transactions. Any failure in the ability to process transactions during the outage would be highly undesirable, and would likely create nationwide notoriety for the customer.

The Aggreko Solution

The existing cooling system needed to be shut down in order to increase capacity for an expansion.  The customer tasked Aggreko with designing a temporary system that could match its current needs plus handle the increased load - delivering1 ,600 tons of cooling and a high degree of redundancy.

Due to the critical nature of the upgrade, two specialist teams from Aggreko jointly designed and executed a solution. Aggreko Process Services' engineering team designed solutions to help improve operations and addressed environmental concerns of customers, while Aggreko Cooling Tower Services focused on improving cooling water performance and reliability through temporary cooling tower installations.

The solution incorporated three 1,000-ton chillers, three 1,000-ton cooling towers and three 1,250 kW generators. A standby system was set up so that in the event of failure, technicians could change out any piece of equipment in a matter of minutes. The custom design proved successful, and ensured the non-stop availability of the
facility's operations while delivering foolproof contingency backup.

Why was Aggreko chosen?

The loss of cooling water feeding the data center would not be an option at shut down. The customer opted for Aggreko because the combined cooling tower and engineering teams showed a high level of expertise in the design of complex systems.

Thanks to Aggreko's industry knowledge, equipment reliability, careful planning and teamwork, data center operations proceeded smoothly without interruption throughout the two-week project.