Case Study: Aggreko Powers the World Championship of Cricket

Aggreko Performs Like a True Champion at the World Championship of Cricket

The Customer Challenge

March, 2007 kicked off the opening ceremonies for the highly anticipated World Championship Tournament of Cricket, conducted throughout nine Caribbean countries across twelve different venues.

This global event brought spectators and participants from around the world and was broadcast to millions – its biggest viewing audience ever. Supplying power and cooling for this broadly dispersed event required meeting tight shipping schedules, accommodating the needs of multiple organizing committees and managing diverse international tax and customs requirements.

The Aggreko Solution

Despite decades of experience with global events, the Aggreko Event Services team considered this to be one of the most challenging it ever faced in terms of logistics and planning complexity.

But in true Aggreko fashion, the team took on the challenge with enthusiasm and professionalism, enjoying the opportunity to work with different island cultures, personalities, committees and budgets, while still delivering a consistent product that exceeded expectations.

The World Championship Tournament of Cricket utilized: 

Seventeen technicians were stationed throughout the islands to set up power and A/C for the entire project, including utilities for the international TV broadcast, player and media tents, concessions, hospitality and security.

The Benefit to the Customer

By getting people and equipment where they needed to be and installing and operating equipment smoothly and reliably, Aggreko ensured that Cricket was the only thing causing excitement during this championship event.