Case Study: Aggreko Provides Cooling Solution for Dry Walling

Aggreko Provides Cooling Solution for Dry Walling

The Customer Challenge

When a drywall contractor’s project was facing indefinite delays due to the high ambient temperatures and humidity, they contacted Aggreko to help. The unfavorable ambient condition was creating the potential for mold growth within the new construction. The contractor would be responsible for any remediation required or new materials in the event of mold damage. Without the drywall complete, other contractors were also unable to complete their tasks, further delaying the project.

The HVAC system had yet to be installed in the new building so the high ambient temperatures were creating an undesirable environment for dry-walling. The project was at a complete standstill until temperatures improved or an alternate solution was found.

The Aggreko Solution

The contractor needed to maintain desired dew points during the dry walling process in order to continue construction. An immediate temporary cooling solution that could create the needed conditions was required to keep the project on schedule.  Aggreko teamed with the contractors to develop and install an A/C package that could deliver the cool, dry air needed to resume construction. Aggreko applied the solution in sections to not impede other contractors.

The Benefit to the Customer

As a result of the provided solution, the contractor was able to resume production and complete the drywall process and avoid any growth in mold.