Case Study APS Designs System Reduce Corrosion Rates for Refinery

APS Designs System to Reduce Corrosion Rates for Major US Refinery

The Customer Challenge

Safety and environmental issues arose at a typical US refinery due to high corrosion rates in the alkylation unit. It was also experiencing operational and productivity limitations due to high space velocities. These issues resulted in a reduction of rates and several unit shutdowns. The refinery also wanted to maximize the throughput of their alkylation unit while still meeting commercial gasoline blending specifications.

Due to its critical nature, the refinery contacted Aggreko Process Services, the licensed engineering division of Aggreko. Once the customer shared their issue, they realized that the experienced Aggreko Process Services mechanical and chemical engineering team truly understood the scope of the project. 

The Aggreko Solution

Working together with the customer, a study was completed at the refinery.  After which, Aggreko Process Services presented an engineered solution that would address the environmental and safety concerns as well as return the unit to its design conditions. Along with the solution, Aggreko Process Services provided the necessary documentation, operating instruction, performance expectations and temporary equipment that addressed the refinery’s specific needs.

The Benefit to the Customer

The improvement was immediate.  The installation decreased the corrosion rates, inhibited polymerization of the olefins, decreased the space velocity in the contactor and extended the life of the acid. The overall effectiveness of the installation also increased the yield and quality of alkylate, directly impacting the refinery’s throughput and revenue.