Case Study: Aggreko cools NYC Trauma Hospital during Chiller outage

Aggreko cools NYC Trauma Hospital during Chiller outage

The Customer Challenge

Lacking consistent temperature control, a NYC trauma hospital had to perform elective and emergency procedures at other hospitals. The facility had lost its chiller in an electrical fire. With high ambient temperature, the remaining chillers could not maintain adequate cooling - rendering useless some eight surgical suites. Until a solution could be implemented, the hospital risked huge potential revenue loss.   The mechanical contractors hired to replace the chillers needed to provide the hospital with an immediate temporary cooling system and the necessary power to resume the use of its surgical rooms.

The Aggreko Solution

Aggreko teamed with the mechanical contracting company to develop a temporary rooftop chiller system, which consisted of a 1000-ton water-cooled chiller and a 1500kW generator. Aggreko placed the chiller on a 10-story rooftop, wiring it to the power source below.

The Benefit to the Customer

Aggreko's custom solution took the surgical rooms offline for only five days, rather than for the several months it would have required for the permanent installation of a replacement chiller. The hospital estimated savings of more than $1M. Additionally, the project also served to strengthen the mechanical contractor's credibility as a leading provider for the hospital.