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Power Equipment Accessories

Aggreko’s attention to detail ensures optimal performance of the equipment that powers your project or event. The right rental power accessories for your equipment can help make your project or event run smoothly and successfully.

Rental Power Accessories You Need to Maximize Your Power Generation

  • Cable Ramps that allow for placement of cable where foot traffic or vehicles would normally travel, offering the flexibility to run cables across walkways or roads.
  • Quad Box Strings that contain GFCI receptacles that can reach up to 50’ away from the distribution panel, offering power for appliances, lighting and power tools.
  • Cable T’s can tap circuits, reducing the amount of cable required on a job site.
  • Synchronization/load share panels that provide synchronization and load share for small power generators that don’t have the modules onboard.
  • Cable bins that provide organized, on-site storage and transportation of cable.

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