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Air Compressor Rentals

100% Oil-Free Air Compressor Rentals to Keep Your Project on Track

Aggreko's air compressor rentals are capable of delivering 100% oil-free air at pressures up to 150psi and flowrates between 200 and 1,500cfm, using either diesel engines or electric motors as the source of compression.

For higher pressures, Aggreko offers a container-sized air compressor rental that combines diesel-based compression with electric-drive high-pressure boosting. With electric-drive boosting, compressed air pressures can be raised to 600psi at a flowrate of 1,250cfm.

Rental Oil-Free Air Compressors & Compressed Air Benefits: 

  • Environmental considerations. Diesel units have exhaust levels well within EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards.
  • Noise reduction. Sound attenuating canopies keep noise levels at a minimum.
  • Fuel spill avoidance. Aggreko’s “Save-All” containment base minimizes fuel spillage in upset conditions.
  • Aftercooling limits. Our diesel air compressor rentals have aftercooling that limits that discharge temperature to only 15°F above ambient – an industry-leading performance feature. Our electrically-driven units can be provided with aftercoolers to keep discharge temperatures within 20°F of ambient.

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