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Heater Rentals - Non-Residential

From small-scale projects to demanding heating requirements, Aggreko is the solution for all of your needs involving portable, industrial rental heaters.

Rental Heating Equipment for Many Commercial or Industrial Applications

Although there are many different ways to heat air, Aggreko can offer solutions for almost any heating application you require.  For applications where combustion flame or exhaust is not an issue, Aggreko provides indirect oil-fired rental heaters in capacities of 222,000 to 427,000 Btu/hr.

For more demanding applications, Aggreko has a wide variety of  temporary, custom-built electric rental heaters available.

Portable Electric or Oil-Fired Heaters for Rent

  • Completely fume, flame, and moisture-free
  • Available in size from 171,000 to 3.8 million Btu/hr
  • Have airflow rates to 10,000cfm
  • Provide high temperatures to 300°F
  • Can be used indoors or out
  • Can be used for HVAC applications, as well as industrial or construction applications wherever warm air is required.

Available Heater Sizes for Rent:

 Heater Rental Sizes  Voltage
 FLA Rating
 Overall Dimensions
(L x W x H)
 Max Airflow
 50  kW  480v 60hz  65  81" x 31" x 63"  1,400  4000
 100 kW  480v 60hz  140  96" x 48" x 90"  3,500  3200
 150 kW  480v 60hz  189  93" x 33" x 66"  1,665  4700
 150 kW  480v 60hz  n/a  76" x 50" x 54"  2,500  8000
 150 kW  480v 60hz  189  87" x 49" x 64"  2,300  7500
 170 kW  480v 60hz  n/a  96" x 36" x 72"  1,323  6800

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