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Moisture Control Rentals

Dehumidification is the removal of excess humidity from the air in a room, building or vessel.  Moisture control rentals offer a low-cost solution for preventing the long-term effects of moisture.

Control your moisture levels with moisture control rentals

Excessive indoor moisture levels can damage almost any commercial or industrial environment and, left unresolved, lead to more serious problems such as mold, oxidation, and deteriorated structures and assets.  High humidity levels and low winter temperatures can be rough on your business causing condensation and corrosion to your critical operations.  You can improve your productivity and maintain a controlled environment with dehumidifier rental solutions from Aggreko.

Moisture control rental applications include:

  • Developing stable environments for exposed metal to prevent corrosion
  • Reducing drying times at construction sites for concrete, insulation, and fireproofing
  • Blanketing equipment to protect from highly humid air
  • Drying out water-damaged buildings, eliminating the need to replace and reconstruct
  • Preparing surfaces and vessels for painting and coating applications
  • Prevention of mold and fungus growth. 

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