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Only AES can design and engineer your total event solution

Anyone can rent you equipment – but only Aggreko Event Services can help design and engineer an integrated solution for your event.  Aggreko Event Services supplies planning, design, engineering services to events ranging from small parties to some of the most complex events in the industry, such as the Olympics. 

Teamwork and Partnerships

A key element to the success of any event is good teamwork.  We pride ourselves on the ability to develop a working partnership with our customers, coordinate timelines, and identify appropriate resources, all to ensure the success of your event.

Cost-effective and Flexible Solutions

We will work with you to put the most cost-effective, flexible, and creative solutions possible into place.  We look carefully for the most logical and efficient way to operate your specific project.  After careful evaluation and discussion, we will design and engineer a plan with the unique requirements of your event in mind.

Network of Locations

All Aggreko Event Services projects are supported by our network of local Aggreko locations and staffed by fully trained, experienced, and certified Aggreko personnel.  The mission of our local personnel is to ensure performance and safety during each and every project.

With You Until the End

It is also our policy that no job is complete until the grounds are cleared and the last truck leaves the site.  We always coordinate an orderly load-out.

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