Power Accessories: Rental Airwalls, Fuel Tanks, Air Distribution

Event Power & Temperature Control Accessories

Rental Fuel Tanks, Airwalls and Air Distribution

To make the most of your event's temporary power generation or temperature control equipment, combine it with one of Aggreko Event Service's own event accessories. 

Airwalls for Rent

Aggreko’s airwall is a universal tent wall that can be installed on virtually any tent, large or small. These walls are completely adaptable to almost any structure in the industry.  An airwall is used for both the return and supply air, offering up to three supply holes which can be outfitted with adjustable louvered vents or as internal ducts used for internal air distribution. These walls work in conjunction with all of Aggreko’s temperature control equipment, including air conditioners, air handlers and heaters.

Internal Air Distribution Rentals

Our internal distribution is basically a large air sock that inflates and evenly distributes warm or cold air throughout a structure. The design of each internal distribution is based around the parameters of each unique structure and HVAC system. We are able to supply distribution in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing it to become part of the internal decorations of the event.

Rental Fuel Tanks

Our environmentally responsible 600, 1,100, 2,300, and 5,000 gallon, double-walled fuel storage tanks are safe for any environment. These tanks are state-of-the-art and will contain their entire fuel content without any spillage.

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