Election Campaign Services

Election Campaign Services

Aggreko can provide you with the rental power, heating and cooling solutions needed for your upcoming election event. We have successfully provided turnkey rental services for the world’s most high-profile events.

Industry-leading Experience

Our extensive experience includes supplying temporary power generation, heating and cooling solutions for:

  • Presidential Inaugurations
  • Presidential and Vice Presidential debates
  • Local political events nationwide
  • Major sporting events including The Olympic Games


One-stop Rental Equipment Source

To fulfill the unique needs of the event industry, Aggreko specially designed and custom built event-specific equipment including:

  • Silenced generators and temperature control equipment
  • Twin-pack generators for uninterruptible power
  • Distribution and load sharing panels


The Right Equipment the First Time

Ensuring you rent the proper equipment for the size of your event is critical. Aggreko will not only help you control costs, but we can also recommend a package for maximum effective performance. For example, events needing large amounts of power may require one of Aggreko’s discreetly packaged, multi-megawatt, power generation units. And, our specially designed synchronized generators ensure uninterruptible power, which is vital for your event since “failure is not an option."

24/7 Response

With Aggreko’s 24/7 response and nationwide network of support, we can quickly respond to your rental needs., let us help you bring power to the people (air conditioning, too).

Call Aggreko today at 888.8AESPWR (888.823.7797) for a customized event package.

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