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Cooling Tower Repair and Replacement

Minimize downtime by using rental cooling towers

In the past, companies have had to schedule major cooling tower repairs and replacements around a planned shutdown. In today's fast pace environment, shutdowns are few and far between, leaving little time to perform these needed tasks.

Temporary Cooling Towers - No interruption of your cooling water

Aggreko can install temporary cooling towers to replace part or all of a cooling tower without interruption of the cooling water. When a portion of the tower is to be taken out of service, Aggreko will supply and install temporary towers equivalent to the one being taken out of service, cool the water, and return the cooled water to the primary tower basin.

When your primary tower is in need of significant work, Aggreko will replace the entire cooling tower and pumping system allowing workers to demo and replace/rebuild the primary tower without interrupting the cooling water service.

For more information on our cooling tower options, visit the website for Aggreko Cooling Tower Services.  You can also contact Aggreko Cooling Tower Services via email or call 877.550.COOL.

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