Rental Power, Pumps, Piping for Cooling Towers

Rental Cooling Tower Accessories

In addtion to our portable cooling towers, Aggreko Cooling Tower Services has all of the cooling tower accessories needed to complete any job.

Pump Rental

With approximately 1,000,000 GPM of pumping capacity Aggreko is the leader in electric pump rentals. Our cooling tower pumps range from 100 GPM to 14,000 GPM and are capable of suction lifts to 23 feet and discharge pressures as high as 200 psi.

Piping, Fittings and Vales for Rent

With over $3 million of pipe, fittings and valves in inventory--in sizes ranging from 2” through 42” in steel, HDPE and PVC--we can accommodate nearly any water flow requirement.

Electrical Power, Heating & Cooling Solutions

As the nation's leading supplier of rental power, heating and cooling, and compressed air systems, Aggreko has everything required to supply the 480 volt power to the cooling tower equipment. Components include transformers, disconnects, load centers, power cable, cable tray, cable ramps, diesel generators, double-wall fuel tanks, and more.

Remote Monitoring

Our remote monitoring systems continually track water temperatures, water flow rates, pump pressures, wet bulb temperatures, fan motor loads and pump motor loads. We are notified immediately if any of these monitored items go out of spec, making the system ideal for critical cooling tower processes.

For more information on our cooling tower options, visit the website for Aggreko Cooling Tower Services.  You can also contact Aggreko Cooling Tower Services via email or call 877.550.COOL.