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Temporary & Portable Rental Cooling Towers

Emergency Cooling Towers for Rent

Where do you turn when a cooling tower fails or when a short-term problem overwhelms the capacity of your tower? The clear choice is Aggreko Cooling Tower Services.

Whether it’s restoring operations at a steel plant 2,000 miles away or keeping a power plant online during a sub-zero freeze, Aggreko Cooling Tower Services has the solutions and services to make it happen. 

Our expert service and large fleet of temporary cooling towers has dramatically reduced the risks involved with process cooling at facilities across North America.

Rental Cooling Towers Can Help You:

  • Maximize your production during hot summer months or peak demand times
  • Maintain production while performing cooling tower repair and maintenance
  • Reduce costly downtimes after disaster strikes
  • Meet or exceed environmental and safety standards without compromise

Certified by the Cooling Technology Institute

100% of Aggreko’s modular cooling towers are certified by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) in accordance with STD-201. To further insure that we consistently deliver on our performance commitment, Aggreko performs our own periodic field performance tests that are conducted in accordance with the Cooling Technology Institute’s (CTI) ATC-105 testing procedures. Visit the Cooling Technology Institute Website for more information.

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With 24-hour availability and the largest fleet of modular cooling towers in the industry, Aggreko Cooling Tower Services can help you address emergencies, maximize production, and keep your operations running smoothly when the heat is on.

For more information on our cooling tower options, visit the website for Aggreko Cooling Tower Services.  You can also contact Aggreko Cooling Tower Services via email or call 877.550.COOL.