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Rental Power Generators from Aggreko

Rental Power Generators for Global Needs

For over 40 years, Aggreko has been committed to providing a variety of power generators to service the energy needs of a wide range of industries. We service the entire globe from 100 offices in 28 countries. Combining this global network with our expertise allows us to create solutions to any rental power need you have, no matter where you are located. Our ability to reach the far corners of the globe, combined with customized power generators to fit your unique needs, ensures that we have the right solution for you. See how we can provide you with effective, cost-saving power generators.

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Quiet Power Generators for Event & Low-noise Situations

To ensure that we offer the power solutions required for a variety of situations, we offer our quiet rental power generators. Perfect for events and other situations where low-noise is a requirement, these generators are available in the following power levels:

  • SuperHush Canopy Generator [100-300kVA(50hz) / 100-300kW(60hz)]
  • SuperHush Container Generator [300-1250kVA(50hz) / 300-1250kW(60hz)]
  • SuperHush Towable Movie Generator [100-300kVA(50hz) / 100-300kW(60hz)]

If you require a low-noise power solution, learn more about our quiet power generators.

Versatile Power Generators

With experienced staff consultants who have provided cost-effective solutions to a wide range of industries, Aggreko can analyze your unique situation and provide you with the best possible solutions. Contact us today and see for yourself. Through our unique experience providing power generators for everything from the shipping, utility, and natural sciences industries, to movie sets and major special events such as the Olympics and World Cup soccer, we have learned that no two situations call for the same answer.

We can provide your construction job site with small transitory power or bring megawatt power to regional power grids. Our experienced people have made it their business to find the right solution for your specific needs. We will assess your specific requirements and match you with the power generators that best serve your job. We invite you to explore our site further to see the wide range of power generators we offer and industries we serve.

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