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Explore Aggreko's Portable Air Conditioning Rentals

Aggreko is an industry leader in portable air conditioning rentals. Our continuous innovations make us a trusted company in the rental energy solutions field. Our portable air conditioning rentals can be found anywhere from events to construction sites. If you are looking for a company who can provide portable air conditioning units and professional service, Aggreko has the industry know-how and experienced support specialists you need. For further information on renting a portable air conditioning system contact us. See the following list for our portable air conditioning rentals:

  • Industrial Air Conditioner [up to 180kW(50hz) / 60 ton(60hz)]
  • Special Event Air Conditioner (HushPAC) [60kW(50hz) / 20 ton(60hz)]·
  • Spot Cooler Air Conditioner [up to 18kW(50hz) / 5 ton(60hz)]
  • Comfort Air Conditioner [up to 180kW(50hz) / 60 ton(60hz)]

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Portable Air Conditioning Options

Aggreko's HVAC services include state-of-the-art equipment. Our industrial air conditioners have cooling capacities up to 60 tons (60Hz) [180kW (50Hz)], and are capable of more than 12,000cfm of 45°F air [5,664 L/s of 7.2°C]. If you are in need of a portable air conditioning rental that will not infringe upon your event, then our HushPac air conditioners are available. The HushPac line provides 10 to 30 tons of cooling at 60Hz [30-90kW], or 50kW of safe electric heat with a sound rating of 80 dBA at 3 ft (1.0 m). The HushPac units are ideal for events. Whichever type of portable air conditioning unit you ultimately choose, be assured that it will be both reliable and environmentally safe. Aggreko strives to minimize impact on the environment while maintaining high industry standards.

Worldwide Portable Air Conditioning Rentals

Our professional expertise allows us to provide portable air conditioning units for a variety of companies around the world. With more than 100 locations in 28 countries, Aggreko can provide portable air conditioning no matter where it is needed. Aggreko will always do more than simply deliver our rentals. Aggreko professionals will install any hook-ups or controls needed for your unit. To find the Aggreko service location nearest you, please see our global map.

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