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Portable Rental Air Conditioner Units 

Temporary Air Conditioning from Aggreko

For temporary air conditioning applications, the choice is Aggreko. Our unsurpassed experience has made Aggreko an expert in providing a wide range of temporary air conditioning solutions.

Find a portable rental air conditioner to meet your specific needs.

Why Choose Aggreko for your Portable Rental Air Conditioner?

No matter what your temporary air conditioning need is, Aggreko is there. From the workplace to movie sets to construction tunnels and more, numerous customers have relied on an Aggreko portable rental air conditioner to provide cooling services in a variety of different settings.

Our temporary air conditioning services include a vast cooling capacity of up to 60 ton (60Hz) [180kW (50Hz)], and are capable of producing 12,000 cfm of 45°F air [5,664 L/s of 7.2°C]. For temporary air conditioning on a larger scale, browse our industrial air conditioner rental options.

We also offer a portable rental air conditioner to meet the temporary air conditioning needs of smaller applications.

Portable Rental Air Conditioner Features

Aggreko offers InstaCool units for the short-term cooling of an area or event space. Capable of providing temporary air conditioning for a wide range of applications, an Aggreko portable rental air conditioner is fully instrumented and offers the convenience of wheels for easy movement.

Our InstaCool units also come equipped with the following features:

  • Hot gas by-pass
  • Heavy duty casters
  • 5-gallon condensate containment with float cut-off switch
  • Efficient ac circuit (voltage is dependant on the portable rental air conditioner)

Benefits of our InstaCool units include easy configuration for most areas, as well as the ability to easily duct the condenser intake and exhaust outside of your designated area.

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