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Aggreko Provides Major Utilities for the World's Stage:

Behind the Scenes at the World Championship Tournament of Cricket

Houston, Texas --  April 5, 2007 - Aggreko, LLC (Aggreko), the world’s leading provider of temporary power, temperature control and 100% oil-free compressed air systems, is supplying temporary power and HVAC to every stadium and all surrounding game sites for the World Championship Tournament of Cricket. The championship is set to take place throughout nine Caribbean countries and twelve different venues, and will utilize Aggreko’s services for more than three months. 

The opening ceremonies for the highly anticipated World Championship Tournament of Cricket kicked off March 12, 2007 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Aggreko Event Services will support the Tournament until the finals in April, continually setting up power and A/C for the series of events, including utilities for international television broadcasts, players’ and media tents, concessions, hospitality and security. The entire project will use 14 MW of power (150 generators), 1200 tons of air conditioning (120 units), 130 miles of cable and 250 electric panels. 

Apart from a very compressed time frame to design and plan for the series of games, the Aggreko team had to overcome an array of hurdles. “What do you get when you are awarded an event contracted by a US and French Company, taking place under British laws as they apply to working in the Caribbean,” comments Gary Meador, North America Manager for Aggreko Event Services, “the most challenging job we’ve ever accomplished.”

Meeting shipping schedules, interpreting the needs of several different organizing committees, and working through international taxes and customs were a few challenges the team faced. But, as Meador explains, “This is why we are in this business. There is a sense of gratification when you’re working with different islands, cultures, personalities, committees and budgets, and then delivering a consistent product that meets all expectations. That’s why people trust Aggreko.”

"I am very proud of the Aggreko team that we put together,” Meador continued. “This is one of the most difficult jobs that Aggreko has ever undertaken from a logistical and technical perspective. Working in many different countries, with differing electrical codes and utility power systems, has proven to be quite a challenge. With the experienced team that we assembled for our client, GL Events, I am proud to report that Aggreko has hit all of our deadlines and overcome every obstacle presented.”

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