Aggreko Powers and Cools 2011 U.S. Open Championship

Aggreko Powers & Cools 2011 US Open Championship

Rental Utility Leader Lands Ninth Year at Leading Golf Event

June 2011: Aggreko, the global leader in rental power and temperature control solutions provided power generation and climate control for this year's U.S. Open Championship, which ran June 13 - 19. This is the ninth time Aggreko has successfully partnered with the tournament, which was hosted this year by the Congressional Country Club in Bethseda, Maryland.

Aggreko designed a power and cooling solution that enabled the 230,000 golf fans to enjoy the tournament in safety and comfort, without detracting from the beauty of the surroundings. The specialized equipment supplied was built specifically for golf tournaments and large-scale spectator events. It included quiet, uninterruptible TwinPack generators - which provide cleaner, quieter and more convenient temporary power than other commonly used generator sets - and custom-built tent air conditioners.

Aggreko’s design took account of the various sizes of temporary and permanent facilities, from the 28,000 sq ft Trophy Club to the 36,000 sq ft merchandise tent. Powering an event of this magnitude required tons of Aggreko equipment and manpower, including:

  • 34 miles of cable to distribute power and cooling to more than 150 venues
  • Enough power generation for 10,000 average-size homes
  • 3,200 tons of water-chilling and air-conditioning equipment
  • A crew of 10 Aggreko technicians for installation and operation

“We have a dedicated team with more than 120 years of experience between them in the sporting events market,” said David Prince, Senior Events Project Manager, Aggreko North America. “It was a pleasure to work with the USGA for the ninth time to deliver a flawless, custom installation of temporary power and cooling systems for a spectacular event watched the world over.”

Aggreko North America has a long history of providing power to high-profile events, including presidential inaugurations, several national sporting events, and the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games.

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